2024 Session 2

Applications Open:
Apr 15, 2024 AOE
Applications Close:
May 13, 2024 AOE
Invitations Sent:
Jun 03, 2024
Jun 17, 2024
Aug 12, 2024

This is an 8-week group mentoring program where individuals will work self-paced in a semi-structured learning environment.

This program places an emphasis on group-learning, sustainability and longevity. Djangonauts are members of the community who wish to level up their current Django code contributions and potentially take on leadership roles in Django in the future. πŸ¦„

Want to be involved in the future direction of Django? Confidently vote on proposals? This could be a great way to launch your Django contribution career! πŸš€

This iteration will include multiple Navigators helping people with the core Django library and several third-party packages.

To learn more about the session, read our Program Documentation (https://github.com/djang…).