Session 1 Featured ⭐ Stars ⭐

During our first official session of Djangonaut space, these folks worked diligently with unwavering commitment to their work but also in supporting their fellow Djangonauts. We proudly present them as the ⭐ Stars ⭐ of our community.

Our Stars are more than just developers; they are visionaries, problem solvers, and trailblazers, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in open source.

Each Star brings their unique expertise to our community, whether …

Announcing Djangonauts Space Session 2 Applications Open!

We are thrilled to announce that the applications for Djangonauts Space Session 2 are now open! As a part of our continuous effort to foster growth and expertise within the Django community, this session promises an enriching experience for all participants. Whether you're aiming to deepen your technical skills or aspire to take on leadership roles in the Django ecosystem, this program is designed to pave your path.

Program Details …

2024 Session 1 Mission Debrief

Thank you, Congratulations, You are all now ⭐ Stars ⭐

All of our Djangonauts worked hard during the eight week session, let's congratulate and celebrate all of their hard work. We are all excited to see what you accomplish going forward. 🚀

⭐ Mohammad Alsakhawy
⭐ Jessie Auguste
⭐ Pradhvan Bisht
⭐ Elineda Ferreira Lannic
⭐ Adrienne Franke
⭐ Emmanuel Katchy
⭐ Velda Kiara
⭐ Marijke Luttekes
⭐ Nina Menezes …

Introducing Our 2024 Session 1 Officers

We reached out to our Django community connections to broaden our reach, and we want to express our sincere thanks to everyone who pitched in—whether as a volunteer, sharing our social media posts, or referring friends to our program. The support has been incredible!
We've had the pleasure of meeting with each person who showed interest in volunteering as a Captain or Navigator. It's been a great opportunity to get …

Meet our Session 1, 2024 Djangonauts!

In preparation for our next session starting in January 2024, we wanted to share some updates and introduce our new Djangonauts.

In the midst of sorting through a pile of amazing applications, we found ourselves facing the challenging task of selecting just 18 outstanding individuals for this round—no small feat given the 172 impressive applications we received.

These 18 Djangonauts caught our eye for all the right reasons: their applications …